Experience rather than imagine.

Indus­tri­al Engi­nee­ring in Vir­tu­al Reality

The way to an optimal production process 

3 stages in your virtual factory



Pro­duct assem­bly in VR
Tan­gi­ble insights based on digi­tal data



Lay­out plan­ning in VR
From con­cepts to detail­ed works­pace designs



Pro­cess eva­lua­ti­on in VR 
Detail­ed ana­ly­sis through inter­ac­ti­ve testing 

VR in the industry

We use Vir­tu­al Rea­li­ty (VR) to your advan­ta­ge. Becau­se we and our cus­to­mers are con­vin­ced of the added value for pro­duc­tion and assem­bly planning.

With the sup­port of VR, Halo­cli­ne dis­sol­ves bounda­ries and makes ide­as and pro­ces­ses tan­gi­ble. If pre­vious­ly abs­tract plan­ning can be expe­ri­en­ced spa­ti­al­ly, the results are sub­se­quent­ly of hig­her qua­li­ty and more accep­ted. Thus the ent­i­re plan­ning pro­cess beco­mes more effi­ci­ent, less error-pro­­­ne and under­stand­a­ble for everyone.

Today’s pro­ducts must ans­wer tomorrow’s ques­ti­ons. We crea­te loca­ti­on inde­pen­dence and col­la­bo­ra­ti­on and enab­le expe­­ri­ence-based know­ledge to be effec­tively incor­po­ra­ted into the work with digi­tal data.

Convinced customers & partners

Use cases

Take your planning process to the next level!