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    Alex­an­der Nowak
    +49 152 09 48 92 58

    Public Relations

    Han­nah Sophia Kuhlmann
    +49 152 08 62 30 09

    How to reach us

    Halo­cli­ne GmbH & Co. KG
    Net­ter Platz 3
    49090 Osnabrück
    Tele­fon: +49 541 961045–0

    How to find us:

    Our office buil­ding is a litt­le hid­den. If your navi­ga­ti­on sys­tem does­n’t show you the right way, plea­se fol­low the­se direc­tions for the last part of your jour­ney: Star­ting from Roeme­resch­stra­ße, plea­se turn into Kaf­­fee-Par­t­­ner-Allee, just bet­ween the Cof­fee Per­fect bis­tro and the Kaf­fee Part­ner buil­ding. Dri­ve through the open bar­ri­er and keep right. At the end of the street the­re is a par­king lot whe­re you are wel­co­me to park your car.

    On the right you will see three iden­ti­cal buil­dings. Choo­se the midd­le one with the house num­ber 3, take the first door on the right side of the buil­ding — seen from the par­king place — and ring the bell of Halo­cli­ne. We will open the door and glad­ly wel­co­me you.

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