Planning item designs in Halocline

A coope­ra­ti­on for vir­tu­al indus­tri­al engineering

Who does­n’t know it: A few clicks and the online shop­ping is done. We want to save time in order to achie­ve a quick result. But can I – as a pro­duc­tion plan­ner – real­ly gua­ran­tee that I imple­ment an effi­ci­ent and at the same time ergo­no­mic manu­al work­sta­tion with my sel­ec­tion of fix­tures from the online store?

To ensu­re that the final result of the work­place design does not suf­fer, assem­bly work­places should be equip­ped with pre­cis­e­ly fit­ting solu­ti­ons. And the best way to sel­ect the­se is to try them out and test them. Thanks to a coope­ra­ti­on bet­ween item and Halo­cli­ne, this is now pos­si­ble: with designs from the item engi­nee­ring tool and Halocline’s VR envi­ron­ment, pro­duc­tion envi­ron­ments can be plan­ned spa­ti­al­ly and expe­ri­en­ti­al­ly wit­hout the use of Card­board Engi­nee­ring or other pro­to­ty­pi­cal setups.

This video shows you how you can also cus­to­mi­ze your item shelves.

Experience and individualize racks in VR

The item engi­nee­ring tool allows free and rule-based 3D design. Pro­ject docu­men­ta­ti­on and CAD data can be play­ed out in various for­mats. If you want to cus­to­mi­ze an item shelf for your pur­po­ses, you can easi­ly inte­gra­te it into your vir­tu­al hall lay­out in Halo­cli­ne. For exam­p­le, you can import a STEP file. Here you can try out the design in the con­text of the workspace, spa­ti­al­ly and to sca­le. In this way, you can easi­ly include and adapt item designs in your indus­tri­al engineering.

You indi­vi­dua­li­ze your rack by first pla­cing it in the desi­red loca­ti­on of the resul­ting work­sta­tion. Not only can the posi­ti­on of the rack be indi­vi­du­al­ly adapt­ed at any time, but the shelf sur­faces can also be chan­ged in height and width and rol­ler con­vey­ors can be adapted.

In addi­ti­on to the­se adjus­t­ments, Halo­cli­ne also allows you to expe­ri­ence and test the manu­al work­sta­tion. While you intui­tively run through assem­bly pro­ces­ses in the vir­tu­al world, you can alre­a­dy take ergo­no­mic requi­re­ments into account during the plan­ning pro­cess. You can also esti­ma­te gras­ping spaces and wal­king distances, have them dis­play­ed, eva­lua­te and plan them.

Once you have fit­ted a rack design into the work­sta­tion accor­ding to your requi­re­ments, you can sim­ply switch to item’s engi­nee­ring tool via the dis­play­ed link in Halo­cli­ne to order your design.

Layout planning

Take your planning process to the next level!

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